Stories Are the Work of a Community, Not a Creator in Isolation

[Originally posted @carolinepritchardwrites on 8/28/21]

I am struck by this truth every single time I hold GITTY AND KVETCH in my hands. Its pages carry the fingerprints of all the people who have poured into my life and this story. Each character, every turn of a phrase, any attempt at a laugh or tender moment… it’s all a reflection of the friends and family who have shaped my understanding of the world. Any focus on a single creator not only reinforces our individualist culture, but also risks missing the heartbeat of a story!

It turns out that I tend to sequester myself in a deep, dark, quiet cave when drafting. This can be a beautiful place. It can also, unsurprisingly, be an isolating one. But the revising! Ah, the revising!!! There is nothing more reassuring than feeling so stuck you’re sure there is no way out… and then remembering there are humans waiting in the wings to offer their light.

To these generous, light-shedding humans: thank you for offering a safe space to be vulnerable with ugly drafts and uglier doubts. Thank you for your creative solutions and wise guidance. Thank you for making me cackle with laughter when my own intensity was getting the best of me!

I LOVED PULLING TOGETHER THIS POST! I hope you’ll swipe through to see the incredible ways these folks in particular shaped GITTY AND KVETCH into what it is today. And if you now view my sole author credit as an offensive bit of fraud: I wholeheartedly agree. To all the critique partners, cheerleaders and my community at large who I didn’t mention by name, please know how grateful I am for the gifts you’ve given me that inevitably found their way on the page, too.

Two weeks until Gitty and Kvetch hits the shelves! I hope you preorder it! And like it! And give me your info so I can send you bookmarks (link in bio)! If you want a signed or personalized copy, don’t forget to order from @keplersbooks


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