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[Originally posted @carolinepritchardwrites on August 1, 2020]

It’s August 1st, which means Gitty and Kvetch hits shelves this month… whattt?!! Here is the truth: preorders are a big ol’ deal in publishing. They signal interest to the publisher and booksellers, which makes a meaningful impact on not just promotion but also your ability to make even more books down the road.

Here’s another, more personal, truth: a big chunk of marketing a book, especially a debut, falls in the hands and hustle of the author. For me, this can feel uncomfortable, intense and— in the words of my 2-year-old— yucks.

But! I’m also learning that some parts of this process DON’T feel yucks. One of those parts? Being able to say thank you for the generosity you’ve shown me and this story. Another? Spreading my love and appreciation for Yiddish. So here’s one very small way I can do just that!

The brilliant @ariellandyart turned Kvetch’s Yiddish glossary into these magical, joy-filled bookmarks. She even made two versions spilling over with all the shmuts, mishpocheh and tuchuses you could ever desire! And they are all yours!!! All you need to do is…

📚Preorder GITTY AND KVETCH and snap a screenshot of the receipt. If you plan on recommending the book to friends or snagging a copy down the road, I hope you’ll consider doing that now— ideally from your favorite independent bookstore

📸 Click this link, then tap the photo from this post to let me know where I can mail your bookmarks

❤️ THAT’S IT!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting this story.


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