Cover Reveal for Gitty and Kvetch!

[Originally posted @carolinepritchardwrites on February 11, 2020]

A brief moment of kvelling… the cover for my picture book debut GITTY AND KVETCH is here ❤️

This story brings up a swirl of intense memories and feelings this week in particular. I am remembering my Poppy’s relentless joy. Oy vey’ing at my mishpocheh’s dry humor. Channeling the importance of radical inclusion and connection— through language, advocacy and beyond.

Above all, I feel an abundance of gratitude for having the chance to publish and share this story. Thank you to illustrator @ariellandyart for your creative brilliance! Gitty and Kvetch are exactly who they were meant to be because of your unfailing authenticity. And there is no better team to share this sweetness with than @apastor926 (@simonkids) and @gknowlton58 (

Before I officially plotz, here is the cover reveal from @hereweeread with caption posted below. Thank you, thank you for your voice, Charnaie! Pre-orders are live everywhere books are sold 🙂

COVER REVEAL: Gitty & Kvetch

Today I’m excited to reveal the cover for this forthcoming August 2021 picture book that celebrates Jewish humor, joy and connection written by @carolinepritchardwrites. Check out the synopsis from the publisher below.

In this hilariously sweet story about an opposites-attract friendship, chock-full of Yiddish humor, a girl and her best bird friend’s perfect day turns into the perfect opportunity to see things differently. Gitty and Kvetch couldn’t be more different: Gitty always sees the bright side of life, while Kvetch is always complaining and, well, kvetching about the trouble they get into.

One perfect day, Gitty convinces Kvetch to shlep off on a new adventure to put the perfect painting in their perfect purple tree house But when her perfect plan collides with a perfect storm – oy vey – suddenly it’s Gitty who’s down in the dumps. Can Kvetch come out of his funk to lift Gitty’s spirits back up?

Recommended for ages 4-8 and up. Publishing August 31, 2021 by @simonkinds

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