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Sharing about the writing process with brilliant, creative K-3rd graders! The visit included a school-wide assembly and a series of class presentations

I love speaking in person or virtually with kids (and grown-ups, too!). Visits include intimate classroom settings, larger school-wide presentations or another approach that meets your learning needs. I am a former classroom educator and passionate about developing engaging, joyful, standards-aligned experiences for kids. 

I’m available for individual talks, half or full day’s visit. I’m always happy to coordinate student book purchases in advance, and very grateful to personalize books in person. I can also send signed bookplates for virtual events!

I am excited to create specific learning experiences to meet the needs of your school, library, organization, community and/or conference. Topics include:

My Writing Journey

I share my own path to becoming a writer, which includes a whole lot of dreaming and resisting giving up on those dreams. We talk joy, failure, the comparison trap, and what it looks like to forge your own path— whatever your dream may be! This interactive presentation is packed with behind-the-scenes photos and reflections from the writing and publishing process. 

Writing Your OWN Story

What makes up your own story? Together, we will talk about the experiences and textured details that contribute to who we are today. We will consider how to mine our own life stories (e.g. family traditions, languages, memories) for moments that we can weave into our own writing. 

Writer’s Workshop

This is our time to create something powerful on our own and as a group! I am happy to align with educators on their own writing curriculum, or to focus on one of a few key areas: integrating humor, weaving in other languages, writing with emotion, incorporating a surprise ending and more. 


Please reach out through the contact form to discuss availability and rates. You can reach me at or through the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!

For rights and other professional inquiries, please contact my agent Ginger Knowlton at Curtis Brown, Ltd.

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