Jewish American Heritage Month Picture Book Stack

(Originally posted to @carolinepritchardwrites on May 5, 2021) Here’s to celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month with a sassy little picture book stack. It’s got all the Jewish basics: big questions… immigration journeys…mooing monkeys… mysterious magicians… Ladino… talking matzahs… RBG… spider apologies… Goodnight Moon parodies… multicultural Shabbat celebrations… daring book rescues… and the most *brilliant* anthology… Read more »

What questions about the white supremacist insurrection do I need to ask and answer for myself to shift towards accountability and action?

(Originally posted on @carolinepritchardwrites on January 7, 2021) For white people like me to engage in hard, honest conversations with kids *and* adults, we have to interrogate our own biases and do the work for ourselves. Demanding answers and resources from BIPOC folx, often strangers, repeats the same cycle of expecting free labor from those… Read more »

The Problem with Writing Picture Books

There is a fundamental problem with grown ups writing books for children: we are, well, grown up. Life experience has shaved down the edges of our reactions, beliefs and imaginations. I hear a sound coming from the closet at night? It’s probably nothing. A friend doesn’t want to share? Eh, I bet it’s not personal…. Read more »