Yiddish Glossary-in-Motion from Gitty and Kvetch

[Originally posted 9/7/21 on @carolinepritchardwrites] Celebrating the start of the Jewish New Year AND six days until the release of Gitty and Kvetch with this very official Yiddish glossary-in-motion. Tap the photo to watch over on Instagram! I’ll be real with you: I’ve watched Manu’s “Kvetch” ~10.7m times at this point. 🎶 Klezmer by Uli… Read more »

Stories Are the Work of a Community, Not a Creator in Isolation

[Originally posted @carolinepritchardwrites on 8/28/21] I am struck by this truth every single time I hold GITTY AND KVETCH in my hands. Its pages carry the fingerprints of all the people who have poured into my life and this story. Each character, every turn of a phrase, any attempt at a laugh or tender moment…… Read more »

Preorder Giveaway: Bookmarks!

[Originally posted @carolinepritchardwrites on August 1, 2020] It’s August 1st, which means Gitty and Kvetch hits shelves this month… whattt?!! Here is the truth: preorders are a big ol’ deal in publishing. They signal interest to the publisher and booksellers, which makes a meaningful impact on not just promotion but also your ability to make… Read more »

The books are here :)

[Originally posted @carolinepritchardwrites on July 14, 2020] I’m not historically one for avoidance, but WOW did I find every reason not to tear open that cardboard box. Instead, I grabbed it from our doorstep and promptly shoved it under the typewriter. I then proceeded to stare at it suspiciously every time I walked by for… Read more »

Baby Reveal > Cover Reveal

How it started ➡️ how it’s going (… did I do that right?!) Leone Elizabeth was born on 2/9 and, per her official doctor’s report, is a particularly delicious ball of smoosh.

Cover Reveal for Gitty and Kvetch!

[Originally posted @carolinepritchardwrites on February 11, 2020] A brief moment of kvelling… the cover for my picture book debut GITTY AND KVETCH is here ❤️ This story brings up a swirl of intense memories and feelings this week in particular. I am remembering my Poppy’s relentless joy. Oy vey’ing at my mishpocheh’s dry humor. Channeling… Read more »

Talking Jewish Picture Books with Erica Perl

Thank you to the prolific, thoughtful, wise Erica Perl for sharing her work and vision in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month. Here are some highlights: ▪️ A brilliant categorization of influential Jewish books from her childhood, including those involving “Jew-ish” themes (e.g. Ira Sleeps Over), immigration / NYC (e.g. The Carp in the Bathtub), the… Read more »