Where Is Poppy?

In this heartwarming Passover story, a young Jewish child learns to work through grief with the help of family, memory, and tradition.

It’s Passover time and everything seems the same, but there’s one major problem. Poppy is gone. And it’s just not Passover without Poppy. Mama says he’s still here, and Aunty says to keep looking, but where? This young child searches and searches but can’t find Poppy anywhere.

All of Poppy’s favorite people are here though, and so are the special traditions he taught them. Suddenly she starts to realize that maybe, just maybe, Poppy is here, too…and always will be.

Release date: February 13, 2024

“A perfect story for all ages.”

— School Library Journal ― January 2024

“This is a delightful, though poignant, Passover read that reminds children that this festive spring holiday is about family unity and keeping traditions and memories alive….A tender Passover tale that will be especially meaningful for families who’ve lost cherished members.”

– Kirkus Reviews ― January 2024

“With a racially diverse extended family and mention of modern traditions (oranges on the seder plate), this will be welcomed.”

— Booklist ― January 2024