8 Nuggets of Wisdom from 8 Days of Mini Picture Book Craft Talks

That’s a wrappp! The 8 Days of Picture Book Craft Talks series is officially in the books (…because why NOT end on a bookish pun).

After the intensity of this past year, my hope was to swirl the values I cherish from both Hanukkah and picture book writing— community, connection and resilience— into a tiny, easy-to-consume burst of joy in your day. It’s my sincerest hope that folx gained something meaningful from these conversations. A craft tip, a new way of viewing stories or just a well-earned deep breath.

Thank you to the brilliant creators who took time to share their hearts and expertise! I feel more inspired and emboldened than ever by the magic you put into the world.

Thank YOU, you tenacious writers/picture book lovers/humans who followed along, shared love and engaged! Here is a final roundup of some of my favorite nuggets of wisdom shared. The last slide also includes ideas for carrying on the conversation.

These talks have been a balm in more ways than I anticipated in my own world right now. They’re also the closest I’ll get to my dream of waking up as Terry Gross… so thank you for contributing to that sacred life goal.

I would *love* to hear any specific conversations or nuggets of wisdom that rang true for you or helped nurture your creativity. And if you have any notes or feedback, please share!

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